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Vuvuzela: The Ultimate Superfan Device

July 27, 2010

The 2010 World Cup held in South Africa will be remembered for a lot of things, but perhaps the most noteworthy of those will be the sound of the vuvuzela (vuvuzela on Wikipedia).  This little device gave the fan more power than the player and created such a “buzz” that FIFA actually held meetings during the tournament to determine if the horn should be banned from stadiums.

Vuvuzela’s have become so popular that they have now shown up at different sporting events throughout the world and been the source of jokes for two months (South African Vuvuzela Philharmonic Angered By Soccer Games Breaking Out During Concerts).  This device that produces sounds that can eclipse the threshold of pain (Vuvuzela Radio:  The Sound of the Vuvuzela!), offers the ultimate expression of a superfan’s support.

Vuvuzela’s are an excellent item for any organization, club or business looking to promote itself in a unique way (Buy Custom Imprinted Vuvuzela’s in Bulk).  With football just around the corner I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few high schools, colleges or pro-teams incorporate these into a promotion.  I can’t think of anything more effective to distract the away team than the buzzing sound of the vuvuzela.  However, if the vuvuzela isn’t right for your organization, check out some of these other noisemakers and cheering items that are sure to provide the support your team needs.

General Cheering Accessories

Cheering Accessories-Shakers

General Noisemakers – Air horns/Blow horns/Thunder sticks/Clappers

Party Favors-Noisemakers

Foam Hands


The Friendship Business

July 21, 2010

In the episode The Friendship Business on the popular TV show Saved by the Bell (Friendship Business Recap), the gang is in competition to see who can create the most successful business with $100 capital.  Ruthless businessman, Zack Morris, offers to sell his friend Screech as a friend to anyone who purchases one of his Friendship Bracelets.  Slater, Jessie and Kelly join together to rip off Zack’s product (who ironically stole the idea from Lisa Turtle) with the creation of Buddy Bands.  A fierce competition ensues and the gang takes no prisoners as each company successfully ruin each others business.  Eventually, they reconcile and merge their two companies and create a product called Love Cuffs (two Friendship Bracelets connected to a Buddy Band) and are able to break even.

While this episode and show is ridiculous on so many levels and not in touch with reality, there are a few interesting points to consider when it comes to promotional product bands.  First, wristbands, bracelets and headbands are incredibly cheap products to be used for a promotion or re-sold.

In addition to their affordability, silicone and rubber wristbands (like the ones shown in the picture) are also a great way to unite a group of people or support a cause.  Organizations like One and Live 8 have done a great job of incorporating these to help in the fight against AIDS and poverty.

Wristbands are also often used help people accomplish goals.  They do this by acting as a constant reminder for a behavior you are trying to change or a goal you are trying to reach.

Tyvek waterproof wristbands are even cheaper and can be a great way tag a marathon runner or concert attendee.  Different colors can represent different levels of access available with the wrist band.

Other types of bands include athletic wrist and headbands.  These can be imprinted to match the logo and apparel of a specific team.

As demonstrated in Saved by the Bell, bands are popular and contagious. They have stayed relevant over the years and will continue to be one of the top choices for promotional product buyers.

The Stress Ball: Tool or Toy?

July 7, 2010

One of the more popular promotional products, the stress ball, is a lightweight, squeezable product that fits in your hand.  While they are known for being spherical, stress balls come in many shapes and sizes.  In additional to the promotional aspect, stress balls are medically proven to help alleviate stress.

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We all know the common uses of stress balls so here are a few ideas to creatively (and sometimes not practically) use stress balls.  As ridiculous these suggestions might sound, I bet many of your employees have tried them!

  • Create a stress ball in the shape of your favorite sports ball for seasonal promotions.
  • Use as a cubicle bomb.  Are you and your co-workers divided by endless rows of cubicles?  A stress ball hitting the back of your neighbor is a great stealth attack that often can go undetected. (CAUTION – DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOUR CERTAIN TO NOT DAMAGE ANYTHING)
  • Play catch on your lunch break or better yet, dodgeball!  The lightweight characteristics of a stress ball are not likely to cause any permanent damage to your fellow co-workers.
  • Take 3 stress balls and learn to juggle.
  • Co-worker challenge games:  How fast can you throw a stress ball?  How far can you throw a stress ball?
  • Run a meeting or brainstorming session with a stress ball – whoever has the ball speaks!  Toss it around and see what ideas come out.