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Athlon Sports Communication

April 18, 2012

Background: Athlon is a Nashville-based publishing company with two major areas of interest: Publishing and Sports Marketing.  Athlon publishes 13 preseason sports annuals covering professional and college athletics, and provides a marketing program that includes a handbook that provides team-by-team previews, predictions, and schedules.  They also offer a newsletter that has current highlights and keeps you updated on sports news.  Athlon covers football, baseball, basketball, golf and auto racing throughout the year.

The Challenge:  Athlon has hundreds of handbook customers across the United States.  Each business (customer) has their cover customized to go along with the common text.  Athlon needed a printing partner who could customize their handbook covers, bind them to the common text, and ship small quantities of many different customized versions.  Athlon also needed someone who could print their sports newsletters, which also have many versions and different folding specifications, and need to ship in less than 24 hours from receiving the files.

The Solution:  Courier mass produces the common handbook and newsletter texts at the beginning of each sports season.  With the handbooks, Courier prints the customized covers, binds them to the inventoried text and ships them to each customer.  With the newsletter, Courier prints the customized text on the pre-printed inventoried shells, folds and ships them per Athlon’s specifications.  Courier has an “expert” who oversees the newsletter imprinting.  He makes sure that we print the appropriate amount for each version.  He counts, collates, and slip-sheets the runs, making sure that they are grouped in the correct run order to go to the folder, and then to shipping.

The Result:  Courier is able to produce Athlon’s handbooks and newsletters in the most efficient manner, saving them time, money, and headaches.  We take great pride in providing them with the quick turns-arounds and customized pieces that they desire for their customers.


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