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Bank of America Sends Over One Million World Points Catalogs

March 30, 2012

Background:  Tursack Incorporated, a Pennsylvania based Consolidated Graphics Company, and Courier Printing have been working together to produce Bank of America’s World Points Catalogs since 2003.

The Challenge:  Bank of America was looking for a printing company large enough to handle their World Points Rewards Catalogs.  Bank of America wanted to print over one million World Points Catalogs quarterly.  Each quarterly issue has been between 4 and 9 versions, saddle stitched with inserts, mails, and has numerous drop shipment locations across the country.

The Solution:  While maintaining all content, Courier reduced the size of the World points Catalog to a letter rate allowing Bank of America to achieve 43% postage savings.  Courier Printing produces the Rewards Catalogs efficiently on their M600 web press by printing and folding the text inline.  The smaller size fits the 24 page press configuration perfectly.  Once the text prints, Courier inkjets the catalogs as they saddle stitch.

The Result:  The past fiscal year, Tursack’s Bank of America World Points business contributed over $1,530,000 in sales to Courier Printing.

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