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The Stress Ball: Tool or Toy?

July 7, 2010

One of the more popular promotional products, the stress ball, is a lightweight, squeezable product that fits in your hand.  While they are known for being spherical, stress balls come in many shapes and sizes.  In additional to the promotional aspect, stress balls are medically proven to help alleviate stress.

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We all know the common uses of stress balls so here are a few ideas to creatively (and sometimes not practically) use stress balls.  As ridiculous these suggestions might sound, I bet many of your employees have tried them!

  • Create a stress ball in the shape of your favorite sports ball for seasonal promotions.
  • Use as a cubicle bomb.  Are you and your co-workers divided by endless rows of cubicles?  A stress ball hitting the back of your neighbor is a great stealth attack that often can go undetected. (CAUTION – DO NOT TRY THIS UNLESS YOUR CERTAIN TO NOT DAMAGE ANYTHING)
  • Play catch on your lunch break or better yet, dodgeball!  The lightweight characteristics of a stress ball are not likely to cause any permanent damage to your fellow co-workers.
  • Take 3 stress balls and learn to juggle.
  • Co-worker challenge games:  How fast can you throw a stress ball?  How far can you throw a stress ball?
  • Run a meeting or brainstorming session with a stress ball – whoever has the ball speaks!  Toss it around and see what ideas come out.
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  1. July 7, 2010 2:01 pm

    Hi, I’m Hef Matthews the founder of this blog.
    If you have more creative and crazy ways that you are using stress balls in your office, I’d love for you to post about them here in this comments section.

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